Open to the possibility of serving alongside us in Portugal? We enjoy hosting teams.

Here is some information that you might find helpful.

Mission Trips

Purpose: connect and serve!

  • Connect with our church members while you are here and build relationships with them to the extent possible. Serve the Lord and the team in Portugal by fully and joyfully participating in whatever comes your way.

Primary Activities:

  • Work on a special project (70%)
  • Learn about the culture and ministry (15%)
  • Participate in activities with our members (15%)

Dates & trip length:

  • The dates depend upon whatever we’re doing in Portugal and when you’re available.
  • Most teams come for 11-12 days

Ideal team size:

depends upon the special project, but usually 5-10 people is ideal


(all of the following costs are per person)

  • Food/lodging/transportation/activities in Portugal = $45/day
  • Background check/ABWE online preparation classes/emergency medical insurance = $100*
  • Airfare = varies (most of our groups fly out of Toronto because it is often much cheaper)


  • Lodging – each team member will have his own bed at the hotel. We typically house people by gender in rooms with up to 4 beds.
  • It is not necessary for group members on construction teams to be skilled construction workers. For those with construction experience, it is important to remember that different cultures do construction differently.
  • Flexibility and a servant’s heart are essential.
  • Someone from the team will serve as team leader. His/her role will be to coordinate the preparation and logistics Stateside as well as help the team navigate the travel to and from Portugal. In Portugal, Pastor Andy, with the help of the team leader, will oversee the mission trip experience.


  • We will want to help the team prepare for the trip. Therefore, we’ll schedule at least prep sessions with the team and have the sessions via Skype.
  • All adult team members are required to have a background check done by a provider of ABWE’s choosing.
  • All adult team members must participate in online training via ABWE regarding safety and child protection.
  • Minors traveling with the team need the permission of both parents.

We would love to talk with you about the possibility of ministering with us in Portugal.   

*Minors are not required to complete a background check, the child safety training, or the security training. They will be charged $15 toward the cost of emergency medical and evacuation insurance. Adult volunteers who have completed a background check through ABWE in the past 5 years and have taken the child safety and security training will be charged $25 instead of the regular fee.

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