Open Doors in Samora Correia

As I mentioned in the past, we're praying for 4 Openings in Samora Correia.  The first of these openings is Open Doors - natural opportunities to talk [...]

Celebration and Grieving Within 24 Hours

This past week was incredible!!!  I had a fantastic time with our friends and co-workers from Lakewood.  We did many things together in our city in Jesus [...]

Peço Desculpa

Dear Readers, Please forgive me!  (That is what the words in the title mean.)  It has been a very long time since I posted a blog.  I'm sorry about [...]

Family Snapshots

A few people have asked about specific members of our family.  Here's a quick summary of what's happened/happening in the life of each family [...]

Special Visitors

We've received a lot of encouragement from our very special visitors the past couple of [...]

Funding Update #4

Great news!  Generous and concerned friends have given more than $5000 this past week to out Building Fund.  For the most current totals, check out our [...]

Funding Update #3

God continues to provide.  Just recently, two of our current Financial Partners increased their support of us and the work in Portugal.  As a result, our [...]

A Hard Truth to Accept

During the night, when I could not sleep, the two biblical inputs from my day combined into a single, focused, hard-to-accept thought. Input #1 – [...]

Trying to Unlearn

For as long as I can remember, the concept of "deserve" has dominated my thinking and motivations.  For example, I've worked hard in a desperate attempt to [...]