Let the Demolition Begin

It's really happening! Our charter members, along with Jon Rust, have begun removing unusable parts of ParkPlace in preparation for the [...]

What Do We Pray For?

If we've had a chance to be with you on the "Thank You Tour" (furlough 2015-16), you've heard us talk about the importance of prayer in our baby church. We're [...]

First Meal in ParkPlace

The water is hooked up, but we don't have electric yet. That didn't stop our group from having its first meeting in ParkPlace. Last Sunday our group gathered [...]

ParkPlace Update 2

Yahoo! Our baby church in Samora received the sales tax exemption certificate in order to purchase ParkPlace. Our colleague, Jon Rust, signed on the dotted [...]

ParkPlace update

We've just received a huge answer to prayer regarding the purchase of our building (which we've nicknamed "ParkPlace"). We have in hand the letter from the [...]

Keep Fighting

"I refuse to forfeit a victory that God has already given because of a battle that I don't feel like fighting." - Steven Furtick in Crash the [...]

How Do You Know What You Really Need?

“Okay, so who are you? What are alternatives to cups, idols, masks, and walls? Let’s think about what you really need. Would you agree that sometimes you [...]

Far More Than Stories from Afar

“It is one thing to hear about a distant king. It is something very different when the King actually comes to your door.” In the past God spoke to our [...]

Powerful Prayers

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16). Perhaps this is because a righteous person truly takes God [...]