I miss John!

John was one of those special guys in our church in Panama. He didn’t have a lot, and some would say he didn’t have a lot going for him. But, he offered me [...]

Is it Real?

That your faith and worship of God might be proven to be genuine… Mara and I recently listened to a sermon based on the opening chapters of the book of [...]

FAQ – Are you excited to be going back?

"Are you excited to be going back?" That's the question we're asked most frequently these days. I know I shouldn't read too much into it, nor stress over [...]

What do We Pray For? – part 5

This is one of the biggies - one of my most strategic and frequent requests! Father, please give us eight lay couples who are full of faith and amazed by [...]

What do We Pray For? part 4

We pray that people will be open to  working through The Story Of Hope Bible Study! Our goal is always to make disciples - followers of Jesus Christ. One [...]

Bethany Blizzard

God answered our prayers for a fantastic weekend at Bethany Camp. He provided the needed snow and brought together over 200 people for the event. The crowd [...]

7 Ways to Fight Distraction While Praying

There are times that I can't even remember what it was that I just prayed about! I find that frustrating. I appreciated the post by Gavin Ortlund on the [...]

The Money-saving Way to Haul Away Debris

The demolition part of the ParkPlace project has come to an end. Rather than spend money on a dumpster, the city advised Jon to put the debris in buckets and [...]

The Church’s Number One Enemy: Boko Haram

Below is a blog post from David Whiting which contains a blog post from another other writer. Why all of the re-posting? Because this article opens our eyes to [...]