The Sign is Up

Last Sunday we had a "sign-mounting ceremony." Jon and I had help from two of our younger "members." The name on the building is Park Place because we are [...]

Sin lives next door

This billboard appeared in town a week or so ago. The ad says, "Sin lives next door." The billboard gives the name of the establishment ("The Little Saint") [...]

Reclaiming Monday

I could have called this post, "Getting the week off to a good start." This is a re-post of content from Matt Perman. The original blog post can be found [...]

How would you finish this sentence, “Learning is…”?

In the book Cross-Cultural Servanthood, Duane Elmer asks the question, "How would you finish this sentence, 'Learning is...'?" That's a good question. In [...]


"Obrigado" (the Portuguese word for 'Thank You') hardly seems sufficient to express our gratitude to the team from Lakewood for all of the memories they gave [...]

Remodel Project – First Wall

We had the unexpected pleasure of help from a mission team that was visiting one of our colleagues. Their group donated a day's work at Park Place. Some of the [...]

How to Plant a Lot of Rice

Last week we watched a crop duster make one pass after another over the fields near our apartment. We're told that he was planting rice. In the picture you can [...]

Motivating People

Gratitude v. Guilt   One of the major implications of our mission statement is how we motivate people to do what the God expects and the Bible [...]

Helping More and More People

A couple of years ago we "borrowed" a purpose statement for our church from another church. Our purpose is "Making more and better followers of Jesus Christ." [...]