ParkPlace update

We've just received a huge answer to prayer regarding the purchase of our building (which we've nicknamed "ParkPlace"). We have in hand the letter from the [...]

“I’m Geeked about the Potential”

“I’m Geeked about the Potential.” That’s what one of our colleagues said after touring the “Plan B Building.” While I’m not familiar with the [...]

From Missed Deadline to Down Payment

The deadline for raising the necessary funds for constructing a church building for our young church in Samora Correia was December 31, 2014. During 2014, the [...]

When Does Our Furlough Start?

Lord-willing, our family will complete it's first "Tour of Duty" and return to the USA at the end of May. It will be here before we know it. In fact, we feel [...]

Funding Update #5

We received a few year-end gifts. Praise God that during 2015, nearly $66,000 was given to the Building Fund for our church in Samora Correia! It is so [...]

Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease Near our Home

UPDATED Last Friday, a case of Legionnaire’s Disease was verified in a town situated five miles from our apartment. Since then, there has been an outbreak [...]

A Moving Story

Last month, we learned that our landlord is trying to sell the apartment we rent and he has a prospective buyer.  If the sale goes through, we’ll have [...]

10 Days with 12 New Friends for 2 Noble Purposes

July 8-18, 12 members of a Partner Church in New York worked side-by-side with us, the Rusts, and the members of the Samora Correia church plant.  We worked [...]

Celebration and Grieving Within 24 Hours

This past week was incredible!!!  I had a fantastic time with our friends and co-workers from Lakewood.  We did many things together in our city in Jesus [...]

Peço Desculpa

Dear Readers, Please forgive me!  (That is what the words in the title mean.)  It has been a very long time since I posted a blog.  I'm sorry about [...]