Motivating People

Gratitude v. Guilt   One of the major implications of our mission statement is how we motivate people to do what the God expects and the Bible [...]

Helping More and More People

A couple of years ago we "borrowed" a purpose statement for our church from another church. Our purpose is "Making more and better followers of Jesus Christ." [...]

What do We Pray For? – part 5

This is one of the biggies - one of my most strategic and frequent requests! Father, please give us eight lay couples who are full of faith and amazed by [...]

What do We Pray For? part 4

We pray that people will be open to  working through The Story Of Hope Bible Study! Our goal is always to make disciples - followers of Jesus Christ. One [...]

The Money-saving Way to Haul Away Debris

The demolition part of the ParkPlace project has come to an end. Rather than spend money on a dumpster, the city advised Jon to put the debris in buckets and [...]

ParkPlace update #3

We have electric! After many hours of contacting the electric company, various visits to their office, and paying two electricians to install needed [...]

Let the Demolition Begin

It's really happening! Our charter members, along with Jon Rust, have begun removing unusable parts of ParkPlace in preparation for the [...]

What Do We Pray For?

If we've had a chance to be with you on the "Thank You Tour" (furlough 2015-16), you've heard us talk about the importance of prayer in our baby church. We're [...]

First Meal in ParkPlace

The water is hooked up, but we don't have electric yet. That didn't stop our group from having its first meeting in ParkPlace. Last Sunday our group gathered [...]

ParkPlace Update 2

Yahoo! Our baby church in Samora received the sales tax exemption certificate in order to purchase ParkPlace. Our colleague, Jon Rust, signed on the dotted [...]