More Good News 2

This is just a real quick note to let you know that our support requirements were reduced this week by $706 a month.  That's a lot less money to raise (not [...]

More Good News

This week God has blessed us with EIGHT new Prayer Partners, a very encouraging visit to Delevan Baptist Church, and another new Financial Partner.  It's all [...]

New Partner

We're praising God for answering our prayers and giving us another individual financial partner.  God is so good and we love being part of a community of [...]

New Prayer Partners

In our travels to churches, God has blessed us with not only the opportunity to share our story but also with people who feel called by God to partner with us [...]

Meet Our Colleagues

We're partners in planting church-planting churches.  Now you can meet some of our partners.  We've added links to many of our colleagues on the right side [...]

Our Portugal Story

Click on the link to see our latest newsletter.  Thanks for praying! ourPortugalStory - chp 04 - 2010 [...]

God Provides

In the past two weeks, God has brought us two more Prayer Partners!  He has also given us a second supporting church and another individual supporter.  On [...]

Baptize Them…

Becca was baptized this past Sunday.  It is a step of obedience that she has wanted to take for some time and was finally able to take.  As I reflect on her [...]

God at Work

God is always at work.  Every so often he pulls back the curtain to allow us a glimpse of what he has been doing.  The past few days are one of those [...]


Click on the link below to see our latest newsletter. ourPortugalStory - chp 03 - 2010 [...]