More Good News

Just a quick FYI - Since our last newsletter went out 16 days ago, God has blessed us with another Financial Partner, 6 Prayer Partners, and several gifts [...]

Confronting Uncertainty

Click on the link below to access our latest prayer letter.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for praying! ourPortugalStory - chp 07 - 2010 [...]

Precious Jewels – Precious Prayers

We take partnership seriously.  We value our partners immensely.  That's why we take pictures of our Prayer and Financial Partners.  We want to remember and [...]

More Good News

God continues to provide us with partners, FIVE more PRAYER PARTNERS this week.  This is a joy for us and a victory for all of you who pray for us and ask God [...]


$15.66.  That amount appeared in our Outfit and Passage fund this week.  Someone in our home church had given it anonymously. I wonder about the amount. [...]

Now Look What You Did (Newsletter)

Click on the link below to read our newsletter and to find out what you and God are responsible for doing:) ourPortugalStory - chp 06 - 2010 Aug Thanks [...]

Mara Has a Cow & We’re Two Steps Closer

When we were at Candidate School last July they told us about a program that connects missionaries, farmers, and donors.  The program enables farmers, who are [...]

Riding the Rollercoaster

Right now, it seems that this ride we're on is picking up speed.  Since our last blog post, (1) several assignments have been completed, (2) another $300 has [...]

More Good News #3

Just thought you might want to know that over $1300 has been given to our Outfit and Passage fund in the last week.  As a result, we're now at 20% in that [...]

June Newsletter – Preparing Our Fields for Rain

April and May were busy.  Click here to see what God has done with, through, and for us. ourPortugalStory - chp 05 - 2010 [...]