I’m Such a Whiner

The quote of the day is from my daughter Rebecca.  Last night, she said, "I'm such a whiner.  But I learned from the best of them."  Yes, Dick Kolstee, she [...]

Front Row Seat

God has invited me, even challenged me, to pray more.  He is willing to do more than what is currently being done in His name.  And I believe with all my [...]

This Disciple’s Prayer

Father, I want your name to be honored and revered everywhere.   I want your will to be done as quickly and completely on earth as it is in heaven. I want to [...]

It Was a Two-donut Day!

  On the way the school, a piece of one of the front tires of the car I borrowed blew off resulting in an immediate flat.  God granted me the ability [...]

Zero Tolerance

David Whiting quoted a colleague as saying, "Too many Christians have zero-tolerance for suffering."  I think the Apostle Peter would agree and tweak the [...]

What If I Got Whatever I Wanted?

What if God gave me what I want the most instead of what I need the most?  What would I get?  Would I be happy? Thank you Jesus that you love me too much [...]

I Doubt It

Even people who have experienced miracles seem to struggle giving God the benefit of the doubt (see Exodus 14, 16).  When something contrary and difficult [...]

Surfer Breaks World Record in Portugal

Garret McNamara caught a 100 ft wave just off the coast of a small town in Portugal about 45-minutes from our house.  This area is known for great waves and [...]

Don’t Stop the Madness

The lyrics of Tenth Avenue North’s song, Don’t Stop the Madness form a bold prayer.  They fly in the face of my deeply cherished craving for an easy [...]

He Came to Suffer

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ willingness to suffer so he could sympathize with our suffering and become our high priest. Hebrews [...]