Far More Than Stories from Afar

“It is one thing to hear about a distant king. It is something very different when the King actually comes to your door.” In the past God spoke to our [...]

Powerful Prayers

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16). Perhaps this is because a righteous person truly takes God [...]

The Sin of Jonah

“Jonah’s sin was that his religion was really all about him. While he eventually surrendered to the will of God, he never surrendered to the purposes of [...]

Why Do Missionaries Go On Furlough?

I've already been asked a couple of questions about furlough and they're good ones. Here is my response to the question, "Why do missionaries go on [...]

Open Doors in Samora Correia

As I mentioned in the past, we're praying for 4 Openings in Samora Correia.  The first of these openings is Open Doors - natural opportunities to talk [...]

A Hard Truth to Accept

During the night, when I could not sleep, the two biblical inputs from my day combined into a single, focused, hard-to-accept thought. Input #1 – [...]

Trying to Unlearn

For as long as I can remember, the concept of "deserve" has dominated my thinking and motivations.  For example, I've worked hard in a desperate attempt to [...]

A Really Good Question

"When God the Father looks at you, what dominates his thinking?" - Dwight [...]


I've been pretty tired as a late.  When the calendar revealed that we had a holiday this week, I knew what to do.  I was in desperate need of unhurried time [...]

This Is To Be Expected

The fact that my current assignment from the Lord is in some ways more difficult and faith-demanding than the previous shouldn’t surprise me.  What athlete [...]