Elementary Kids Love Mara

The Spring Concert is over. Tomorrow is Mara's last day of teaching elementary music at the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy. Yesterday, she announced to her [...]


"You are full free when you have the desire, the ability, and the opportunity to do what will leave no regrets forever." - Matt Perman Jesus came to make us [...]

Pelted by Carrots

This post has no eternal significance, except to possibly serve as reminder of the truth of Ga 6.7 "...whatever one sows, that he will also reap." Over the [...]

Congrats Jon & Becca

Congrats to Jon & Becca on their high school graduation. We sure are proud of them! And it sure was nice to have one set of grandparents here to [...]

Five Ways Porn Lies to You

This is the second in a series of re-posts on the topic of pornography. This article was written by Tim Challies and the original post can be found here. I've [...]

Seven Things to Do After You Look at Pornography

This is the first in a series of two re-posts dealing with the topic of pornography. The following article was written by Paul Maxwell. You can view the [...]

Surprised by God again

Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago to do many things. One of those things he came to do, was to suffer. The books of Isaiah and Hebrews both speak of this [...]

Reclaiming Monday

I could have called this post, "Getting the week off to a good start." This is a re-post of content from Matt Perman. The original blog post can be found [...]

How would you finish this sentence, “Learning is…”?

In the book Cross-Cultural Servanthood, Duane Elmer asks the question, "How would you finish this sentence, 'Learning is...'?" That's a good question. In [...]

How to Plant a Lot of Rice

Last week we watched a crop duster make one pass after another over the fields near our apartment. We're told that he was planting rice. In the picture you can [...]