Play Practice Update

The play has been performed. I was able to work on building good friendships by being helpful. I didn't get an opportunity to share anything specific about [...]

Learning a Lesson

My dad has been trying hard to help me learn to use a list to help me remember to do all the truly important things each day.  I've gotten better, but still [...]

Missing My Friends

I've been thinking lately about how scary it will be to move to Portugal and leave my friends behind.  I've made some good friends at Panama School and it [...]

Step of Faith²

A couple of weeks ago, my dad was a speaker at our State Fellowship's Youth Seminar. The theme was 'Unshackled".  My father had been asked to lead a session [...]

Learning Compassion

There's this kid in school who, has a lot of trouble behaving well. One day, I wondered to myself, "I wonder what it's like to be in his shoes?"  It kind of [...]

Play Practice

Every school day, one of the things our family prays for is that we'll share our faith in a winsome way.  This week, I started working with some classmates [...]

My Step of Faith

Ok, at school we have this  student-led group called Impact.  This year, same as last, I am a leader.  So, we have been trying to make Impact a place where [...]

Never Tell God What You Don’t Want to Do

My mom says, that when she was a girl, she used to hear people say that you should never tell God what you don’t want to do because that’s just what [...]

My Dad, My Youth Pastor?

I've looked forward to being in youth group for as long as I can remember.  Next year I'll finally be old enough to go to PLUG.  Now I heard that my church [...]