Becca’s Blog

It’s a new year now and it’s time to start a new and better plan. I’ve been thinking about our family a lot and how I can get angry easily. Mostly at [...]

Smile Rewards

Spiritual gifts, I love them.  Over the last week and a half it has been my goal to help other people.  Last Thursday and Friday my friend Josh and I went [...]

Science Show

One of my spiritual gifts is teaching. I love to explain things to younger kids. I also love science. Lately, I’ve been attempting to combine those two [...]

Alyssa’s Challenge

As an Impact leader, I have to be ready to share my testimony.  Today I was thinking, "What would I share?"  I think I would start off by asking the [...]

Becca’s Getting Ready

School is almost here and I’ll have even more responsibility this year. I’m in the sixth grade and still eleven. Right now I’m getting ready for two [...]

I Love Camp

I love camp.  The reason I love it so much is because it builds great habits.  I have always had a hard time trying to have my devotions on a daily basis. [...]

Jon’s Big Decision

I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ at Bethany Camp on July 23rd. That means I’ve decided that I will do my best to do anything and everything that God asks [...]

Changes For Me

School is over! No more homework, learning, and staying still inside. One thing this means is I can’t share Jesus with my unsaved friends until summer ends. [...]

I Made a Commitment to…

So I was just at camp for the week and God really got my attention.  Our speaker was a man named Mark Davis from Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa.  What [...]

School Surprise (God-Style)

Near the end of school, I had an unexpected thing happen. On school fun day, during the ‘fill-the-bucket-challenge’, I noticed one of my friends looked [...]