We Really Need Rain

I was thinking recently about the fact that Portugal has not had a very rainy rainy season this year and how people are saying that we are experiencing a [...]

Four Months in and Counting…

It’s been awhile hasn’t it since I’ve last written? Any way school is going fine. My best class is math, I think, and my worst is probably typing.  I [...]

Letting Go

I have now been in Portugal for 4 months and I want to thank all of our prayer supporters for constantly lifting us up in prayer.  I also want to thank our [...]

I Needed a Break

Hi it’s me Jonathan Cook. Christmas break is flying and we only have two more days until school. We have mostly been at home and some of our missionary [...]

No Alligators Allowed

This year at camp we learned about our "ponds" and how just like some ponds have alligators in them, often our ponds will have sin.  It is this sin that [...]

Looking Back at Impact

Several weeks ago I spoke at Impact and I challenged our students to take a step of faith.  Two weeks after that we had friend week at Impact.  We had a [...]


Lately for my devotions I have been reading a book on how to become the right person.  One of the first steps is to spend time with God and get to know him [...]

I Want to Do This Willingly

Recently I have been reading in the book of Exodus and I have found that God is a very generous God but after you repeatedly refuse to do what He wants you to [...]

Pumping Iron

Dear reader the New Year is here and people are trying new things. I have never tried anything new at the New Year my whole life until this year when I told my [...]

God, Impact, and Pants Pockets

How God works is just amazing to me.  In one week four percent of our support came in.  Do I hear an amen?  It amazes me how much can happen through the [...]