One Week Down

First week of school is finished! I now have all the supplies I need for school; because I forgot some of them. So far my favorite subject is lunch... just [...]

Becca’s Thoughts on the End of Summer

School is almost here which means the following list: school shopping, homework, getting up earlier, and two hours of traveling. Well there are good things [...]

I’ve Been Thinking

I was talking to my brother today. He told me about his new found happiness from God. I told him I lost sight of my purpose here. Jon told me to do my best to [...]

Service with a Smile (and maybe a few words)

Going out and participating in the festivals and in the daily life here have given me some opportunities to serve.  I can give you three examples that have [...]

Feiras, Festivals, and Funny Faces

This past week has been full of interesting things.  There were four days that celebrated Cartaxo.  During this time there was a feira set up with everything [...]

The Choice to Break Out

One of the hardest things for me is reaching out to people that I don't know.  Coming from a small town, going to a comfortable church, and small Christian [...]

Don’t Say “Goodbye”

Friends, what would we do without them? We would be very lonely, I'm sure. Sometimes it seems like making friends isn't worth the time and effort because they [...]

Alyssa’s Choir Trip to Germany

Here is a link to a short video about Alyssa's Mission/Choir trip to Germany.  Hope you enjoy [...]

“Try” Or “Umph”

I have been pondering on the word 'triumph.' Normally, when someone does something for the first time, success is limited, and often, they just don't do well [...]


This part of my life has been stressful recently because I have been given a choice.  I can go to Cedarville in the fall or I can stay in Portugal and [...]