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Quick note from Becca

Oh, so sorry I didn't get this done sooner. I don't feel sick and tired out. homework is well homework... I still like lunch the best. Life goes on and so does [...]

Just a Quick Note

Third week of school done, many more to go. This week is spirit week. It's been another restless week full of tests, homework, and well an annoying brother. [...]

One Week Down

First week of school is finished! I now have all the supplies I need for school; because I forgot some of them. So far my favorite subject is lunch... just [...]

Becca’s Thoughts on the End of Summer

School is almost here which means the following list: school shopping, homework, getting up earlier, and two hours of traveling. Well there are good things [...]

I’ve Been Thinking

I was talking to my brother today. He told me about his new found happiness from God. I told him I lost sight of my purpose here. Jon told me to do my best to [...]

Four Months in and Counting…

It’s been awhile hasn’t it since I’ve last written? Any way school is going fine. My best class is math, I think, and my worst is probably typing.  I [...]

Becca’s Blog

It’s a new year now and it’s time to start a new and better plan. I’ve been thinking about our family a lot and how I can get angry easily. Mostly at [...]

Becca’s Getting Ready

School is almost here and I’ll have even more responsibility this year. I’m in the sixth grade and still eleven. Right now I’m getting ready for two [...]

Changes For Me

School is over! No more homework, learning, and staying still inside. One thing this means is I can’t share Jesus with my unsaved friends until summer ends. [...]

Play Practice Update

The play has been performed. I was able to work on building good friendships by being helpful. I didn't get an opportunity to share anything specific about [...]