Author: Alyssa


I am under oppression and spiritual warfare is intense. I feel like God isn't listening and doesn't care. I KNOW that is NOT the case. Satan knows my prayer [...]

The Life of Me

If you had told me, as a freshman, that I would move to another country for my senior year:  I would have laughed.  If you had told me, as a sophomore, that [...]

Life is Hard, God is Good

Life is hard.  I see people dying and getting sick.  I see people having problems with family and friends.  Life is hard.  I have strong feelings.  [...]

God Came

This month we have been thinking about what life would be like if Jesus hadn’t come to save us.  We came up with many reasons.  Some are more humorous.  [...]

My Amazing God

It has been an amazing year here in Portugal.  During the course of the year I have seen God do some amazing stuff.  Just to show you I will list several [...]


We recently watched a sermon about the acceptable sins of Christians.  The topic of that sermon was complaining.  The pastor made several important [...]

The Incredible Feeling of Relief

Our journey in obtaining our Residency cards has been a long and difficult one.  It has taken one year and much time and effort.  I kinda feel like Sam and [...]

Here’s What’s Happening

This is just an update about how we are doing here in Portugal.  Jon and Becca have started school again and they love having a bigger class because they get [...]

In Control

So often we try to be in control.  Usually of everything.  In my devotional book it has been saying that we should trust God to take care of the details and [...]

Service with a Smile (and maybe a few words)

Going out and participating in the festivals and in the daily life here have given me some opportunities to serve.  I can give you three examples that have [...]