Author: Andy Cook

Park Place update #8

We're ready to get back at it! This fall, we plan to begin the remodel of the upstairs. Our intention is to construct a 3-bedroom apartment plus two [...]

On Mission interview 6

Here is the final installment in our series, "Hey look! We're [...]

On Mission interview 5

This is interview 5 of [...]

On Mission interview 4

This is part 4 of 6 in the [...]

On Mission interview 3

Here's the link to the third interview. Dave's sermon can be found at Obi Community's page at [...]

On Mission: Week 2

Here is the second in the series featuring three of us from Western Europe. "Whatever your passions and interests, they can [...]

Hey look! We’re famous!

Mara and I were featured in a series called "On Mission." It was filmed by one of our supporting churches and interweaves the stories of three missionary [...]

Is it a success?

Our indoor "Winter Park" is open. Families are coming each week. Our members are helping. Is this project a success story? Past experience told us that the [...]

Mission Trip to Portugal?

We're looking to start the next phase of the remodel project at Park Place. Our plan is to begin work in Fall 2018 and continue through Winter and Spring 2019. [...]

Pelted by Carrots

This post has no eternal significance, except to possibly serve as reminder of the truth of Ga 6.7 "...whatever one sows, that he will also reap." Over the [...]