What do you do when a member takes a job that moves him/her away from the area and to a place that doesn’t have an evangelical church? That’s not a hypothetical question for us. One member found work in Africa. A second member found a job elsewhere in Portugal. In neither case have we been able to find a church for them to attend. 
We’ve chosen to connect this dilemma with the prayers that we’ve been praying. We’ve been asking God for opportunities to expand the vision and to show us how to plant multiple congregations at the same time. The answer appears to be to plant microsites. 
We’re broadcasting our weekly Bible study to our member in Africa via the internet. We’ve challenged him to seek one other person who would be willing to watch the study sometime between Sunday and Tuesday. The plan is for the two of them to get together at a café later in the week, talk about what they heard during the study, and pray for each other. We’re calling this tiny gathering a microsite. 
Our member in Africa has agreed to pray for God to send him someone. We’re praying for the launch of this microsite.

(originally published Nov 2018)

UPDATE (Jan 2019) – We had the chance to chat face-to-face with our member in Africa. He’s still watching online and frequently interacting with other members about the weekly study via Facebook. He hasn’t yet found someone to meet with him in Africa.

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