Is it a success?

Our indoor “Winter Park” is open. Families are coming each week. Our members are helping. Is this project a success story?

Past experience told us that the first question most people would ask us will be, “How many people came?” Attendance is an important metric. Of course, some people push back on this means of evaluation. For them, the key question might be, “Were you faithful?” The logic goes like this – God calls us to faithfulness, not success. That’s true. But God also calls us to fruitfulness. How do evaluate fruitfulness?

Before we opened the doors to the “Winter Park” for the first time, we prayerfully drafted the criteria by which we would evaluate the project. Here are our criteria.

  • Did the church function as a body? Did the members use their individual gifts and did we work together for the good of the project? Or was this project done by just a few people?
  • Did the people who entered our building immediately sense that they were welcome here? Did we create an environment where people felt like they belong?
  • Did our members come looking for opportunities to engage visitors in conversation? Did they take the opportunities that God gave?
  • During the weeks that the “Winter Park” was open, did at least some of us take steps of obedience to God motivated by faith, love or gratitude?
  • Did we build the “Winter Park”? (We believed that it was God’s will to do this project? Did we obey what we believed to be the will of God?)

So far, it seems that the project is a huge success. Please continue to pray that God will grant us protection and favor in our community as we seek to do good works in Jesus’ name.

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