Pelted by Carrots

This post has no eternal significance, except to possibly serve as reminder of the truth of Ga 6.7 “…whatever one sows, that he will also reap.” Over the years, I’ve had a small habit of occasionally throwing baby carrots at other individuals. I never meant to harm anyone. I just like to have fun.

Yesterday as I was driving, a truck loaded with carrots was traveling as part of the opposing traffic. Shortly before it reached me, the road curved. As the truck rounded the curve, several carrots fell from the truck. A second large truck hit the carrots in the road, but barely. Instead of smashing the carrots, the tires shot several of these carrots through the air at high speed – directly at my van. I was pelted by two or three carrots. And mind you, these were not baby carrots, they we’re BIG carrots. I doubt this amazing feat of projectile motion could ever be duplicated. It is just one more incident in our lives under the auspicious heading “Only in Portugal…”

  1. that is AWESOME! You have to LOVE God’s sense of humor and the way He gently reminds us that He cares for us on EVERY level! You know what they say about paybacks! 🙂

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