Park Place Update #7

There have been many delays on the remodel progress, yet much progress has been made in recent weeks. Our colleague, Jon Rust, has been serving as “general contractor.” We hired a couple of great guys, Marcus and Itmar, to work alongside of Jon. They are such a blessing. Their concern for people and love for God has been observed by many in our neighborhood. God is giving us open doors. Just this morning, a neighbor popped in to borrow a ladder. (His kid accidentally locked the family out of the house, but fortunately a second story window was open.) This neighbor felt comfortable coming in to ask for a ladder because he had already been invited in several times by Marcus and Itmar.

In recent weeks, Marcus and Itmar built the walls in the kitchen and bathrooms, poured a new concrete floor in that area, installed lighting, plastered and sanded the kitchen, sanded the walls in the large multi-purpose room, painted the large room (with Marilyn’s help), repaired the roof over the terrace room, fixed the chimney, ran some new electrical lines, and much more. Today, they are working on improving the tile roof.

A third man is doing the tile work nights and weekends. You can see how the first bathroom is coming along (pic at right).

Mara and I, Andy, assembled the cupboards today (pic at left). Hopefully, Jon can begin installing them tomorrow. We’re going to need God’s help if we are to complete the downstairs remodel before Jon’s furlough. Please pray toward that end.

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