Park Place update #6

With the help of members and friends, we’re continuing the remodeling work in the large room at Park Place. The false ceiling is 2/3 completed and high efficiency LED light is installed. One wall has its primer coat thanks to some of the younger members of our group. We’ve also done some other prep work in this room.

Other smaller projects elsewhere around the building have been completed. Jon put a tile entryway in front of the main entrance. He also installed the final bits of mop-board in the small room that we use for Bible studies and English Club. Renato installed downspout from the roof. Our ladies assembled shelving units for our storage area.

Our group is holding workdays monthly in order move the project along.

We’re looking to hire a local contractor to begin the difficult concrete work needed in the future bathroom and kitchen areas. Pray that this will come together soon. We praise God that so far, we’ve had the funds we need when we need them in order to complete the work.

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