Sin lives next door

pecadoThis billboard appeared in town a week or so ago. The ad says, “Sin lives next door.” The billboard gives the name of the establishment (“The Little Saint”) and the address (50 G Park Street). The address of our new building is 50 F Park Street. So, I guess sin literally lives next door. In fact our building and this building share a common wall!

This billboard reminded me that spiritual warfare really exists. We don’t fight against flesh and blood. We fight against dark spiritual powers. And therefore, we need to fight with heavenly weapons such as prayer and a godly lifestyle. We make plan strategic plans because they honor God and help us to know what to petition God for. But we don’t trust in our plans. Our hope is in the Lord.

Thank you for fighting the good fight with us. It’s nice to know that we’re doing this shoulder-to-shoulder.

PS – The advertisement also states that “The Little Saint” is a snack bar.

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  1. A great reminder and such great praises. Praying for work to be finished and finished well. Prayers for you all.

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