Reclaiming Monday

I could have called this post, “Getting the week off to a good start.”

This is a re-post of content from Matt Perman. The original blog post can be found here.

One of the essential practices for being truly productive in what God has for us is the habit of weekly planning. Matt describes this simple, but effective, process well.

We need to begin with prayer. We simply don’t have the wisdom we need to determine what we should and should not plan to do this week. We need God’s wisdom. We need to be reoriented around his priorities. Without God’s help, we’ll be very busy doing things, but often not the right things. In that scenario, we’re busy but not productive.

To plan well, we need to ask ourselves just a few basic questions. What do I need to do this week? What would I like to do this week? What is coming up on the calendar this week? How could I help people in need, fight injustice or promote the good of my family, church or community?

This weekly planning session doesn’t have to take a long time. For me, it typically takes about 30 minutes. Of course, good planning doesn’t mean that I’ll be productive. But, it is highly unlikely that I’ll be productive without good planning.

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