How to Plant a Lot of Rice

Last week wIMG_20160618_110236e watched a crop duster make one pass after another over the fields near our apartment. We’re told that he was planting rice. In the picture you can what appear to be two small lakes. In reality, they are fields intentionally flooded with water. After flooding the fields, the farmers soak rice in water to increase its density. This rice is dropped from the crop duster. Upon hitting the water, the rice settles to the bottom and “plants itself.” In this way, several acres of rice can be planted in an hour or so.

Sometimes I wish we could plant the “seed” this way – fast and without having to make contact with the soil. But hasn’t ordained that it will work that way here. We plant “seeds” intentionally, one at a time. But first, we often have to prepare the soil. We have to do what it takes to build relationships characterized by trust. It takes a lot of work. It’s slow. It’s often discouraging. And it is worth it!

Let’s pray for a bountiful harvest this year!


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