Is it Real?

That your faith and worship of God might be proven to be genuine…

Mara and I recently listened to a sermon based on the opening chapters of the book of Job. The speaker pointed out that Satan accused God of buying worshippers with gifts. Satan said in effect, “God, Job doesn’t worship you because of who you are. He doesn’t see you as supreme and worthy of obedience simply because you are you. He only trusts and worships you because you give him the gifts he most desires – money and protection. In fact, not only does he not genuinely worship you, if you take all of your gifts away, he will curse you instead of worship you.”

God already knew that Job’s faith and worship was genuine. The text doesn’t say this, but I think it was important that Job find out if his worship was based in God’s identity or God’s blessings. Job needed to know that his faith was real and placed in God’s character.

God has allowed our family to experience a number of unpleasant, painful, and unresolved problems since our return to Portugal. It’s important for me to find out if I worship God because he exists or because he gives me what I want. I would like my “stuff” to be restored, but what I want even more is to pass this test.

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  1. This reminds me of something I just read by John Piper:
    “…my indwelling sin stands in the way of my full satisfaction in God. It opposes and perverts my pursuit of God. It opposes by making other things look more desirable than God. And it perverts by making me think I am pursuing joy in God when, in fact, I am in love with his gifts.”

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