What do We Pray For? – part 5

This is one of the biggies – one of my most strategic and frequent requests! Father, please give us eight lay couples who are full of faith and amazed by grace.

Here is a bit of the rationale behind each part of the request.

Eight – I’ve been told that you can make major headway in a city for Kingdom causes with just four lay couples. Being somewhat concerned about the spiritual darkness of our situation, I bumped that number up to eight.

Lay – Pastors were given to the Church in order to equip the saints for the ministry. It’s the lay people who really get things done! We need to also remember that unsaved people are more open to hearing the gospel from lay people than a professional (pastor or missionary). When the missionary talks about God, hearers often assume that he is only saying these things because he is a missionary. He’s paid to talk about God. But this isn’t the case with lay people.

Couples – I have absolutely nothing against singles. That’s why I’m asking God to give us a good group of them! However, there are some advantages for couples. For example, a good marriage can be a fantastic witnessing tool to other couples. Second. couples have each other to keep them encouraged and in the game. There are other advantages as well.

Full of faith – People who are full of faith are confident that God is who He claims to be and that He will do all that He promised.* They will be comforted by God’s promises, motivated by prophecy, and not controlled by circumstances or fear.

Amazed by grace – People who are amazed by grace haven’t gotten over the fact that they were loved by the Lion instead of consumed by Him. As a result, they will have an attractive joy and hope, plus a believable message. They will be motivated to servanthood and humility.

I really believe that our city can be changed for good with eight lay couples who are full of faith and amazed by grace.


* Andy Stanley’s definition of faith.

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