What Do We Pray For?

If we’ve had a chance to be with you on the “Thank You Tour” (furlough 2015-16), you’ve heard us talk about the importance of prayer in our baby church. We’re doing all we can to make prayer part of our church’s DNA. The reason is simply this – we can’t do what God wants done on our own. We’ve been chosen to bear fruit. In fact, we’re chosen to bear lots of fruit. But the reality is that bearing fruit is 100% impossible without God. (All of this is clear in Jesus’ teaching in John 15.) And so, we pray!

What do we pray for as a church? We pray for the “four opens.”*

  1. Open Doors—natural opportunities to talk with people about God, faith, Bible, life after death, truth, etc.
  2. Open Hearts—a willingness in the heart of the other person to consider truth as he hears it.
  3. Open Ears—the ability to hear and understand what the other person is really saying, thinking and feeling.
  4. Open Mouths—the courage and wisdom to say what I should say at the right time.

Every week, we pray for God to give us open doors during the week. It’s the kind of prayer God loves to hear and answer. It’s the kind of prayer our unsaved friends and neighbors need us to pray.

*The four opens are an adaption of Ron Hutchcraft’s “Three-open Prayer.”

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