What do We Pray For? part 3

This is part 3 in a five part series about what we’re praying for in Portugal

Park Place

God has given us a place to meet and do ministry. Here are some of the specific things that we (the Cooks and the Rusts) are praying about regarding our building.

  • We pray that we would need this building. We pray that our Charter Members would be so committed to making more followers of Jesus that they would be crying out for environments where they can meet regularly with people in hopes of one day leading them to Christ.
  • We thank God for giving us this building. It’s an amazing gift and evidence of His desire to plant a church in our city.
  • We pray that the remodel project will help us grow in unity and vision as a church.
  • We pray that the design of the interior and the name on the exterior will be driven by a desire to make more followers of Jesus.
  • We pray for a balance between missionary leadership and group participation as we plan for the remodel. We really want to do this together.
  • We pray for individuals to come from North America to work with us in the remodel project.
  • We pray for financial resources for the remodel project.
  • We pray for wisdom to know which part of the building to remodel first – the large room, the small room, the room for small groups or the pastoral apartment.

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