How Do You Know What You Really Need?

“Okay, so who are you? What are alternatives to cups, idols, masks, and walls? Let’s think about what you really need. Would you agree that sometimes you don’t know what you need? Your body might be screaming for vitamin C and you give it a Mountain Dew. You think you need to relax to get your energy back, when a little exercise is the real answer. You think you need freedom, when what you need are clearer guardrails for a life that is careening out of control.

Since you can’t always trust what you feel, one way to investigate what you really need is to examine some of the prayers in Scripture. Prayers are all about desperation and need. Find model prayers in the Scripture and you will find what you really need.” – Ed Welch in What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care?, p. 107.


That second paragraph has caused me to think a lot. I think I agree with Ed Welch. Is he right? What are we missing if we accept his assertion?

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