“I’m Geeked about the Potential”

“I’m Geeked about the Potential.” That’s what one of our colleagues said after touring the “Plan B Building.” While I’m not familiar with the expression, I think it means that he is excited. So are we! Here are a few of the reasons why we’re excited by the potential.


  • On the corner of two streets
  • Only a block from the main street through town
  • Within walking distance for our attendees that don’t have vehicles
  • Directly across the street from a playground, small park, and soccer court (all of which we can use)

Space to grow

  • Ground floor has room a meeting room which could seat 60 people and possibly more plus a room for our bookstore and English Club
  • Ground floor has space for storage
  • Ground floor can easily be made handicapped-accessible
  • Upstairs has six rooms that could be used as offices, classrooms or small-group meeting rooms
  • Upstairs has plumbing and electric for a kitchen
  • Upstairs has a separate entrance and could be converted into pastoral housing if needed

Relationships between our members and our partners

  • The building needs work. That’s great because we love to have reasons for teams from the USA to come and work with us. One of our favorite things to do is facilitate relationships between the Portuguese and American churches.

Pictures and floor plans are available on our colleague’s website. Click on the link or picture below.


rust website

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