A Moving Story

Jon & Becca cleaning out the closets

Jon & Becca cleaning out the closets

Last month, we learned that our landlord is trying to sell the apartment we rent and he has a prospective buyer.  If the sale goes through, we’ll have 90 days to relocate.  We really don’t want to move.  We like the neighborhood very much and want to continue to build relationships with people in this condominium.  A few days later, we found out that a number of new apartments in OUR BUILDING are now available for rent.  The developer went bankrupt during construction and the apartments just exited from bankruptcy court.  They are unfinished.  The bank is renting them with very favorable terms in order to get them rented quickly.  We picked out an apartment that is a mirror image of the one we currently occupy.  However, it doesn’t have a kitchen or AC/heat.  The bank is giving us four months of free rent if we’ll buy the materials and do the work.  We received early entry in order to begin finishing the apartment.  The Realtor handed us the keys the day that the Mission Team arrived in Samora. The team prepared and primed all the walls and began painting.  That was a huge help!  We’ve been steadily working away on the rest of the painting.  We chose cupboards this week and hope to purchase them tomorrow.   Our colleague, Jon, is overseeing the installation of the kitchen. We’ll move in as soon as everything is ready.  Hooray for God’s provision.

UPDATE: We just found out that all of the new apartments are rented out.  Hooray not only for God’s provision, but God’s timing as well!

  1. Your post reminded me that oftentimes our first response to change is to throw our hands in the air and despair! (Think Anne of Green Gables here…) However when we wait patiently on God and for Him to work things out – which He ALWAYS does – then all goes even better than planned.

    I am so glad that all is working out! Have fun moving and rearranging!

  2. Ruth,
    You’re so right. Already in retrospect I can see God’s provision and his timing. Not only that, this was an answer to a different prayer we were praying – but a totally unexpected way of having it answered:)

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