Family Snapshots

A few people have asked about specific members of our family.  Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened/happening in the life of each family member.


Mara is involved in teaching Kids’ Church in our church plant.  The kids performed for their moms on Mother’s Day.  It was a great moment.  Mara also helps out a lot with the music/worship ministries.  Mara is involved in the Samora Correia Band and teaches music at Greater Lisbon Christian Academy.


Jon is finishing his freshman year.  It’s been a challenge for him but he has risen to the challenge.


Becca is also finishing her freshman year.  She spends time with the elementary students and they love her.  She participated in the Talent Show at GLCA with some of her friends.  Becca also loves to go the cafe.


Alyssa finished her freshman year at college.  It was a great experience.  She learned a lot, grew in her faith and made amazing friendships.  Most likely, she will need change majors and colleges this fall.  She would appreciate prayers for wisdom.


Andy is leading our church’s prayer ministry and is laying the foundation for the launch of small groups.  He also recently took over the ESL program.

  1. It’s so good to hear what your family is up to! We pray for you all, and love to hear how God is working through each of you!!

  2. Thanks for the prayers Carrie. I’m praying for your family and your transition to life in the sunny South.

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