I’ve been pretty tired as a late.  When the calendar revealed that we had a holiday this week, I knew what to do.  I was in desperate need of unhurried time in God’s presence.  God is with me all the time, but I often don’t sense his presence when I’m on the run.  I regret that I didn’t devote more of my day off to spending time with God, but the part I spent with him, was pure delight and exactly what I needed.

This week, one of our dear Prayer and Financial Partners was taken from us.  Cancer ended her life on earth.  I grieve for my loss.  I grieve for her family.  But I can’t help but think about the pure delight she is experiencing right now – the unhurried, unhindered presence of Jesus.  I’m a little jealous.

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  1. Dear Andy, I know how you feel. I love when I take the time to put GOD first and HE helps me get the things done that I think I need to get accomplished. If only everyday I would remember this and not get so busy.
    Just think of the joy that you supporter is experiencing with Jesus. Someday we will be together up there praising HIM who loves us and knows us best. “OH what a day that will be, when my Savior I shall see.” I can’t wait. Keep pressing on and waiting on HIM. ~K~

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