Month: February 2014

We’re Five

This past Sunday, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of services being conducted in Samora Correia.  Services began in a rented conference room in a [...]

This Is To Be Expected

The fact that my current assignment from the Lord is in some ways more difficult and faith-demanding than the previous shouldn’t surprise me.  What athlete [...]

The Four Openings

As a church, we've begun praying for what I call, "The Four Openings."  They're an adaptation of the "Three-Open Prayer" taught by Ron Hutchcraft.  The Four [...]

A Word About Support

We don't tend to say much about our Financial Support in our updates other than to express our gratitude for the fact that God has graciously met all of our [...]

15 Year Old Helps with Birth of 5 Year Old

Two birthdays today - Becca and the church-plant in Samora Correia.  Becca turns 15 and the church turns 5.  Since Becca is helping to with the start of this [...]