“God has something else for you.  He wants to break you out of the tyranny of the familiar and take you into a life full of unpredictability and wonder.  Your life can be greater.” – Steven Furtick

I would not have chosen the same wording as Steven.  When I read the sentences above in his new book, I immediately reacted against the word tyranny.  I probably would have worded the sentence more like this: He wants to break you out of the comfort of the familiar…  Of course, part of my problem is the fact that I love comfort.  And when my comfort is removed, my default reaction is to find a way to restore my comfort in my new setting as soon as possible.  I guess this explains one reason why God called me into missions.  In my old life, I saw the familiar as my friend rather than something tyrannical that could keep me from experiencing Jesus and the life he has for me.

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