A Romans 8:28 Kind of Day

It’s a Romans 8:28 kind of day.  I am having a terrible time cancelling our old contract with our former internet service provider.  I sent them a registered letter.  I went to the store and confirmed everything with the customer service representative.  I spoke with another representative on the phone.  One hour after they told me it was cancelled, a representative called me to talk about whether or not I really wanted to cancel and why.  Two hours later, another representative called me and told me the process couldn’t be completed because I didn’t enclose a copy of my identification in order to verify that the signature belonged to me.  I became extremely frustrated and struggled to communicate.  I lost a lot of time, energy and peace.  This is such a distraction and it still isn’t completed.  However, God is using this for my good.  As a result of having to strain to communicate in Portuguese, I’m speaking more fluently again (after have conversed almost entirely in English for two weeks while I enjoyed the company of my friends) and I’m even starting to think in Portuguese a little bit.  I pray that God will continue what he started and use this to sanctify me and prepare me for the role He chose for me in His story.

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