Don’t Hate Me

“The ‘loving’ of Jacob seems to mean the acceptance of Jacob for a high (and painful) vocation; the ‘hating’ of Esau, his rejection.”  CS Lewis in The Four Loves, page 150

There are indications that Esau may have had an easier life than Jacob.  As Lewis points out, it is Jacob who had “all the disappointments, humiliations, terrors and bereavements.”  It’s odd because I have a tendency to equate God’s love with his intervention to smooth out the circumstances of life.  (This is partly due to the fact that God regularly does it.)  However, the greater reason is my idolatrous love of comfort over the exaltation of His name and the fulfillment of His purposes.  I fear there are times when I would trade my high (and painful) vocation for a more “normal life.”  In those moments, I would foolishly accept God’s ‘hatred’ (his rejection of me for full use in the story of God).  Fortunately, God ‘loves’ me!!!


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