Month: October 2013

This Is Not a Game

This is not a game.  I must pray diligently, work tirelessly, depend totally and surrender completely or I will lose this [...]

The Miracle of Accepted Forgiveness

Early one morning, Jesus stood before Pilate on the brink of making forgiveness available to all men for all crimes.  The cost would be enormous for such an [...]

Where in the World is Samora Correia

We announced on September 27 that we are moving to Samora Correia.  (For more info on that decision and the reason for it, click [...]

Only Half Alive

"And that's why so many people are half alive.  They haven't died to self yet." - Mark [...]

Good Question

"When did we start believing that God wants to send us to safe places to do easy things?" - Mark [...]

Hindered in the Apartment Hunt

Last week, we were shown an apartment by a realtor from a major realty company.  We were looking for an apartment with three bedrooms plus room for [...]

Don’t Hate Me

“The ‘loving’ of Jacob seems to mean the acceptance of Jacob for a high (and painful) vocation; the ‘hating’ of Esau, his rejection.”  CS Lewis in [...]