Update on “Big Day Today”

The Past Two Years

For the past two years we have lived in the city of Cartaxo while (1) attending language school, (2) participating in an internship with a Portuguese church-planter and (3) making contacts for evangelism and discipleship.  At the same time, we attended church at the baby church-plant in the city of Samora Correia and assisted with that ministry in a limited capacity.

Our internship is completed and it is time for a more “permanent” ministry assignment.

The Decision

This summer, we were invited to move to Samora Correia in order to assist the veteran missionaries there with that baby church-plant in a much more focused way.  The missionary church-planters and Portuguese pastors met on Wednesday, considered a couple different options including the possibility of partnering with multiple ministries, but decided to recommend that we accept the invitation to move to Samora Correia and focus on that church-plant.  In addition, Mara will fill-in at the school two days per week for a colleague who is currently on furlough.  We praise God for the wisdom that he gave to this group!  We are going to follow their recommendation and move to Samora Correia.

Over the next few weeks, I will use our blog to introduce everyone to the exciting ministry and potential in Samora Correia.

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