No One Wants This


I saw this flower and thought, “If plants could think, no plant would want to be planted here.  What a hard life this must be.”  The plant is growing in a driveway.  Day after day it fights for its survival with no guarantee of success.  No plant would choose this location or situation.  Yet here it grows and BLOOMS.

And I would add that it gently speaks to me on behalf of its Creator, “Andy, don’t concern yourself with whether or not you like where your planted.  Don’t worry about security and safety.  Don’t give a second thought to whether or not others have it easier.  Just bloom where you’re planted.”

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  1. Yes.
    And yes, easier said than done…that’s why we’re not supposed to do it ourselves.
    Sorry, you’ve caught me preaching to myself again… 🙂

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