Month: September 2013

Update on “Big Day Today”

The Past Two Years For the past two years we have lived in the city of Cartaxo while (1) attending language school, (2) participating in an internship [...]

No One Wants This

I saw this flower and thought, "If plants could think, no plant would want to be planted here.  What a hard life this must be."  The plant is growing in [...]

Big Day Today

Today is the gathering of the church-planters and local pastors of our association of churches.  Each church/church-plant will share a snapshot of their [...]


I am under oppression and spiritual warfare is intense. I feel like God isn't listening and doesn't care. I KNOW that is NOT the case. Satan knows my prayer [...]

Year 2 Scrapbook

Here is a 13-page picture book to accompany our September Prayer Letter which highlighted the amazing things God did during our 2nd year in Portugal.  Click [...]