I’m Such a Whiner

The quote of the day is from my daughter Rebecca.  Last night, she said, “I’m such a whiner.  But I learned from the best of them.”  Yes, Dick Kolstee, she was referring to you.  Thank you so much for the influence you had on my daughter.  I say that with a twinkle in my eye and a tiny bit of sarcasm.

Rebecca’s comment got me thinking.  Probably everyone reading this blog is someone who has influenced my children.  In thankfulness, I began compiling a list of all of you.  Not wanting to offend anyone, besides Dick Kolstee, whom I’ve already offended, I’ve opted to post my gratitude for influencing my children in more general terms below.

  • Thank you family – grandparents (both biological and adopted), aunts, uncles and cousins
  • Thank you friends at Panama Baptist Church.
  • Thank you friends at Bethany Camp.
  • Thank you friends at PLUG.
  • Thank you friends at the Joy Center, Bethel Baptist Christian Academy, Panama Central School, BOCES and Greater Lisbon Christian Academy.
  • Thank you friends who part of ABWE and/or our Ribatejo Team.

Thank you for loving my kids and making a difference in their lives.  They’ve learned from the best of them!


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