Crash Update

Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for us, gave gifts, and sent love to us since our accident on Christmas Day.

We asked people to pray for the following.  Here is what God is doing in response.

  • that we wouldn’t be afraid to drive    UPDATE: We still get nervous at times but we’re driving:)
  • that the insurance company would settle with us fairly    UPDATE: We believe the insurance company is going to pay the emergency room charges.  They have offered us a sum of money that is less than the cost of repair or replacement.  God will provide the difference through other means:)
  • that God would provide us with another vehicle    UPDATE: We’ve been diligently looking and praying.  We’re not in a position to buy a replacement yet.
  • that God will continue to use this accident for good     UPDATE: Individuals in our community have expressed concern for us and a desire to help.  This is very good!
  • for healing for Andy & Mara’s aches and soreness    UPDATE: Mara will have a medical evaluation on Monday and begin treatment later in the week.  We’re praying for relief from her constant headaches.  Andy is doing fairly well:)

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