Month: February 2013

Crash Update #3

We received our settlement from the insurance company today!!!  It is less than the value of the car and it was discounted by the salvage value of the Fiat [...]

Zero Tolerance

David Whiting quoted a colleague as saying, "Too many Christians have zero-tolerance for suffering."  I think the Apostle Peter would agree and tweak the [...]

What If I Got Whatever I Wanted?

What if God gave me what I want the most instead of what I need the most?  What would I get?  Would I be happy? Thank you Jesus that you love me too much [...]

The Life of Me

If you had told me, as a freshman, that I would move to another country for my senior year:  I would have laughed.  If you had told me, as a sophomore, that [...]

Music Opened a Door

I had my first conversation about God with someone in our city today.  This person was singing pop American music.  I was asked about my music preferences. [...]

I Doubt It

Even people who have experienced miracles seem to struggle giving God the benefit of the doubt (see Exodus 14, 16).  When something contrary and difficult [...]

Crash Update

Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for us, gave gifts, and sent love to us since our accident on Christmas Day. We asked people to pray for the [...]

Surfer Breaks World Record in Portugal

Garret McNamara caught a 100 ft wave just off the coast of a small town in Portugal about 45-minutes from our house.  This area is known for great waves and [...]