After the Crash

We were involved in an accident Christmas night.  We praise God that we were not seriously hurt, the other driver walked away from what could have been a fatal accident, and we were not at fault.

Now we’re trying to move on.  Please pray for us…

  • that we wouldn’t be afraid to drive
  • that the insurance company would settle with us fairly  UPDATE: We have been offered a sum that is insufficient to repair or replace the vehicle.  The situation regarding the payment of our emergency room bills is complicated, time-consuming, and unresolved.
  • that God would provide us with another vehicle
  • that God will continue to use this accident for good   UPDATE: Individuals in our community have expressed concern for us and a desire to help.  This is very good!
  • for healing for Andy & Mara’s aches and soreness
  1. I’m so sorry things haven’t worked out completely yet – glad to hear the updates and how God is using this to build even stronger relationships with those in the community around you. Praying for each of you, and looking forward to seeing the amazing ways God will provide for you in all of this!!

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