Not Clueless

This Christmas I’m celebrating some of the special blessings we have because Jesus came – things we would not know or have if he had stayed in heaven.

So much of what treasure about God and what we need to know about God (and life) we know because Jesus was here!  Jesus makes clear the characteristics and priorities of God so we can know God, respond to him appropriately, and live appropriately.

  • For example, how do we know that God loves us?  Jesus
  • How do know that God is so holy that he requires a perfect sacrifice for sin?  Jesus
  • How do know that God is a servant?  And how do we that whoever wants to be great, has to be a servant?  Jesus
  • How do know that God wants us to pray and that he intends to answer every prayer?  Jesus
  • How do we know that God will bring us back to life?  Jesus
  • How do we know that our primary jobs are to love God, love our neighbors and make disciples?  Jesus
  • How do we know that a place is being prepared for us in heaven?  Jesus

In light of the fact that Christmas is the time of year that we celebrate Jesus’ arrival on Earth, I think that Christmas can be a celebration of God revealing himself to us.  We are not clueless regarding the attributes and priorities of God because Jesus came.

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