God’s Persistence

This Christmas I’m celebrating some of the special blessings we have because Jesus came – things we would not know or have if he had stayed in heaven.

I’m struck by the fact that God refuses to live apart from us.  In Eden, he walked with Adam & Eve each evening until they chose to distrust and disobey God.  God removed them from the Garden and quit spending time with them.  But he didn’t allow it to end that way.  Years later, he found another way to be among people.  He instructed Moses to build the Tabernacle.  God’s Spirit lived in this special tent in the center of the Israelite camp and communicated with people through Moses and the priests.  Eventually, Solomon built a Temple for God.  God’s Spirit came down and filled the Temple.  Unfortunately, Israel disrespected and disobeyed God.  God’s Spirit left the Temple and went back to Heaven.  God was no longer with his people.  But God didn’t allow it to end that way.  Years later, Jesus was born.  God himself had a body and lived in Israel.  In spite of our disobedience, disrespect, and lack of loyalty, God keeps finding a way to be with us.  He refuses to live apart from us!

Christmas is a celebration of God’s persistence in finding a way to be with us.

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